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Thursday 24 August 2017
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Cause For Data Lose And How To Recover It?

There are plenty of data recovery software available outside in market by using that you can recover data. But while purchasing such software you should note what are all specification they offer. Data lose occur when there is chance of hard drive failure there are two types of hard drive failure one is logical failure and another one is physical failure. If logical failure occurs there is more chance to recover data whereas in the case of physical failure the probability of recovering data is very low. If you predict that your drive is in logical failure by evaluating the file system you can recover corrupted data. Still after evaluation also you didn’t recover data then you can perform low level scanning on your drive through this you can recover the corrupted data. Generally logical data recovery takes time. If your drive is predicted to be physical down recovering data is pretty hard. Physical failure categorized into two types one is mechanical and another one is electronic failure. If hard drive parts get failed due to damage by contacting the hard drive manufacturer you can do repair.

Hard Drive Repair

There is multiple numbers of choices for physical recovery .A separate procedure is used to read data from hard drive after replaced the damaged part into new part. Logical data recovery needs some software because generally the data is stored in a structure; the common structure used for file storage is tree or some file structure. By using software there is more chance to recovery at least a part of actual data by repairing the file system. If data is overwritten then there is more chance to loss data. Remote data recovery can be performed but if the system affected is by physical failure then remote data recovery technique cannot be used.

Phases Of Recovering Data

There are four ways to recover data. By just repairing the hard disk which has minor failure you can recover data for example if there is any defect in heads of the reader and PCB they can be replaced and recover the data. Second way is by creating the image of original hard disk drive you can copy the content from the original disk rather than working on the same affected original drive you can move to secondary storage copy. Third way is once the data is moved to new copy logical recovery is must for the files or data stored into new drive. Fourth way is from the retrieved data damaged files should be repaired.